In QB POS, I have a large number of In Progress/Held receipts, how can I clear them all at once?

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In Progress receipts are a relatively new feature in the QuickBooks Point of Sale program. It is meant as a rapid way to get back to a receipt or voucher if you got sidetracked.

What has typically happened is that a receipt is started, then the sales person goes to another area, like the Items List to look at a quantity. When they are done looking at the items list, they click on Home.

The receipt is then automatically held by the system, and on the navigator screen, you will see a small red circle with the number  1.

But if these receipts are not unheld, you can end up with a surprising number of them, and the navigator show a small number, or even no number.

The circle and number is drawing from held receipts for the last 30 days. There may be many more that are much older.

So how do we clear them out?

From the Navigator screen, click on the icon for Held Receipts.

This will bring a small window. In the window click on the word View, to the right of Oldest Receipt.

This will bring the list of Held Receipts.

Click once on the top one to select it, hold the control key down, and click on any of the held receipts you want to remove. Once they are highlighted in blue, choose the Delete button on the left ( if this is missing, go to the green  I want to button and choose Delete from the drop down.

You may get a message asking if you want to delete them, basically a verification. Choose Delete.

The Held receipts will be removed and will no longer show In Progress.