QuickBooks and the 1099 NEC-3 part form.

Recently, some people are reporting an issue with trying to access the 3 part 1099 NEC forms.

A recent update can cause an issue, so here is how to get where you need to be.

When you access the Print/Efile 1099 area, choose 1099-MISC.

As you go through the screens, you will arrive at an area where you map the 1099 accounts. It has been noted that on some systems, the accounts that would normally be associated with the 1099 NEC, have been mapped to the 1099-MISC in the program.

Locate the accounts used for the 1099 NEC vendors. They will list MISC Box 15. Reset them to Omit these payment from the 1099.

Save and Close.

Now return to the Print/Efile 1099 area, and choose 1099 NEC. It will allow you to continue.

You must be on the latest release of the program. But once updated, the 1099 NEC 3 part forms will be available.