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Shopify Point of Sale Migration

Shopify Migration

QuickBooks Desktop and Shopify have teamed up to bring you a modern, integrated retail solution with tools and features to help you sell in more places—and manage everything from one place.

Multi-channel retail made easy

Online. In-store. All in one.

Cloud-based POS: Seamless cross-channel shopping for customers. Time-saving back-end automation for you.

Streamlined inventory management

Make your best decisions with real-time info on your orders, margins, and product performance.

Improve accuracy, reduce data entry

Sales, payments, inventory, and customer data automatically sync with QuickBooks Desktop.

Faster checkouts, happier customers

Use your smart phone or tablet to offer on-the-spot checkouts, anywhere. Customers will love you (and buy more).


Next-generation-ready payments

Accept the payment types your customers carry: Credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Tap-to-Pay on iPhone.


Hardware for anywhere

Shopify hardware is ready for multiple sales types: In-store, multi-location, contactless and mobile.

Trusted by these brands and more


“We’ve been able to integrate our marketing, accounting, shipping, and store sales using Shopify and Shopify POS.”

-Derek Williamson

Co-owner, Olio Skin Care

Personalized experiences with customer profiles

Give your staff fast access to customers’ past online or in-store transactions: they can tailor a unique shopping experience, every time.

Meaningful marketing

Gather contact details, then tailor marketing campaigns with exclusive discounts, deals, and sneak previews your customers will want to jump on.

Integrated loyalty incentives

Customize your loyalty program—in-store, online, and in social channels—with exclusive offers and discounts your customers love.