Professional Data Migration

Move From Any Popular Platform. Our team at SWDiscounter will migrate your data from your current financial platform to QuickBooks!

Choosing the right package to manage your business finances is half the battle. Using QuickBooks to its fullest potential is critical to get the most out of your solution. Our team will help you migrate your financial data from your current platform to QuickBooks, and we’ll help you keep your data clean!

Good data hygiene is the most important part of getting the most out of your digital solutions, and we can show you how!

Data Discovery

The first part of any data migration effort is to do a small bit of Discovery so we can assess the current state of your data structure and quality.

Data Transformation

If your data isn’t ready for a migration, we will help you transform your data into the ideal format. If your data is already clean and ready, congratulations, you can skip this step!

Data Migration

Finally, once you have a clean data set, we can begin the migration from your current platform to QuickBooks.

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