Why does the cd just say QuickBooks Point of Sale? I ordered Pro.

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We get this question frequently, and I understand the confusion perfectly.


When you order QuickBooks Point of Sale, you receive the cd, with a license number and product code.

That cd contains the QuickBooks Point of Sale software, drivers, and other software that the program requires to operate. What is not explained on the cd, is that it will install any level of the QB POS software.

As the software installs, it will ask you for the license number and product code. The license number and product code tell the software what level to install, whether it is Basic, Pro, or Multi-store. The same cd can be used for all three installs, and in fact can install the software on any computer. It is not tied to the specific license number.

The licensing of the software is handled behind the scenes, through the Intuit servers. Once the software is installed, it will ask you to register it. If you are connected to the Internet, it will reach out to the Intuit servers, and use you license and product code to obtain the final code it needs, which is called a Validation Code. If for some reason it cannot connect to the Intuit servers, it will provide a phone number to call so that a registration specialist can provide you the validation code.