How do I delete multiple customers in QuickBooks Point of Sale?

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The customer list in QB POS can be a little frustrating. If you want to delete a group of customers, it seems like this is going to take forever because you have to do them 1 by 1.

Actually, that’s not the case, you just have to approach it from a different angle.

We know that there was a greater capability to work with the lists in earlier versions of the POS software. That capability is often still there if you know how to access it.

First, Make a Backup!

For Customers, open the Customer List report.

Double click the first name. Once the Edit screen opens, go above the name to the icon that says View List.

Once the list opens, you can select a group of names, either by clicking the first of the names, holding the shift, then clicking the last of the names you want to remove. Or, if they are kind of scattered about, you can click on the first customer, then hold the Ctrl key as you select the others.

Once they are selected, click on I Want To, then choose Delete Customer(s).

If that customer name exists in QuickBooks, once they are deleted, go into QuickBooks and make them Inactive. Inactive Customers do not transfer back to POS.