Printing Documents in QuickBooks Point of Sale

Problems Printing Documents in QuickBooks Point of Sale?

Lately I’ve seen several posts in the POS forums where people have had problems with printing documents in QBPOS.  Most printing problems can be resolved by correctly configuring the workstation preferences in POS.

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The majority of printing problems I’ve been seeing are either the wrong format (i.e. very narrow print area when printing to a full page printer, or not printing at all.  One of the more common problems happens when for some reason a printer gets re-installed without removing the previous printer.  For example, the Receipt Printer isn’t printing right and so it gets installed again. Windows will create a new copy of that printer in the printer conrol panel with the same name (Citizen CT-S300) but add (Copy 1) after the name.  I recently had a customer that had their Receipt Printer installed 7 times in the printer control panel. This could also happen if you move the computer and plug the printer into a different USB port from where it was originally. 

POS allows you to specify what printer to use for various document types.  Go to the Workstation Preferences and select Documents & Printers.  This will give you a chart that lists all the various document types, what printer that document is set to print to, what template to use and how many copies to print.  Most common problems result from having the wrong printer selected for the document you’re printing or the wrong template.  Obviously, using a 40 column template to print a report on a full page printer is not going to give you the results you want.

In the example above where there are multiple copies of a printer installed, start from the Windows printer control panel and print test pages to the various copies of the printer.  Find one that prints fine and delete (remove) the others.  Then go to Workstation Preferences in POS and change the printer for any documents you want sent to that printer to the surviving printer in the control panel.  As an example, if you had a CT-S300, CT-S300 (copy 1) and a CT-S300 (copy 2) and kept the one labeled (copy 2) then that is the printer you would select for printing Sales Receipts and any other documents you want going to that printer.

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