Document Offset and POS Inventory Adjustment accounts in QuickBooks with Point of Sale.

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By default, Point of Sale creates an account in QuickBooks named POS Inventory Adjustments and may send transactions to this account when:

  • An inventory item with a quantity and cost associated with it is manually created.
  • An inventory item which has a quantity and cost associated with it is deleted.
  • A cost adjustment memo is created.
  • An item’s quantity has been changed in the Edit Item screen, or a quantity adjustment memo has been created manually.
  • A cost or quantity adjustment memo is reversed.
  • Changes to the physical inventory are made through the Point of Sale Physical Inventory process.

Note: To change the account which Point of Sale uses for the inventory adjustments function:

  1. Choose File > Preferences > Company (Version 9 and below: Edit > Preferences > Company).
  2. Under Financial select Accounts and then click the Advanced tab.
  3. On the Inventory Adjustments line in the QB Account column, select the desired QuickBooks account.
  4. Click Save.