QBPOSSHELL.EXE has stopped working message in QB POS.

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QBPOSShell errors.

Why are they occurring?


The most common cause for this type of error is a memory conflict between the QBPOSShell.exe and another piece of software on the system.

One, which we recently identified is Dlumd32.dll. This is a part of a driver software from Display Link Corp. It is commonly used when there are more than 1 computer monitor installed on the system. In some cases, this is installed when you connect a small lcd display, such as a customer facing display to the computer.

Uninstalling the Display Link software from the system removed the error in the case we found.

Windows has a capability to show us what the colliding software is. It is called the Event Viewer. You can find instructions on opening this and viewing it’s contents from the Microsoft website. Locating the other software that is causing the conflict is the first step in getting the issue corrected. As we saw in this case, it was not the POS software that was causing the issue, it was simply the software that suffered the error.