Why does the QuickBooks Customer Center say some customers have been with me for over 40 years?

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There can be an odd occurrence, where customers in the Customer Center show having been customers for over 40 years.


Here’s whats happening.

If you have a QuickBooks Macintosh version, and you convert the file to a modern QuickBooks for Windows version, the customers that came in from the Macintosh file will show that they have been customers for over 40 years.

The reason for this is, when we create a customer in the Windows version of QuickBooks, there is a time/date stamp created with them. This is read by the customer center to give an Aging reporting on the customer.

The Mac version of QuickBooks, especially the older Mac versions, did not create a time/date stamp on the customer. This left the customer creation date at 0.

So when those customers are brought into the Windows version, it gives an odd Aging date in the customer center. While we would normally try to recreate the customer and merge them to correct this, it appears that the names are actually locked and will not merge.

I will post more on this as it becomes available.