Error 181016 or Error 181021 when converting data or trying to open a company file.

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Error 181016 or Error 181021 when converting data or trying to open a company file.

Why this is happening

How do I fix this?

To resolve this issue:

  1. Ensure you are logged into Windows as an Administrator
  2. Test for a data problem: Choose File > Company Operations, select Create new company and click Next. Give this file a unique name such as test.
  3. If the error does not recur in the Test company file, open your original company file directly:
    1. Choose File > Company Data > Open.
    2. Select Alternate location: and click Browse.
    3. Navigate to C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDocumentsIntuitQuickBooks Point of Sale 10.0Data[your company name]. Microsoft Vista users navigate to C:UsersPublicDocumentsIntuitQuickBooks Point of Sale 10.0Data[your company name].
    4. Select the file qbpos.db and click Open.
    5. Click OK, enter a new, unique name for your company file and click OK again.

If the Test company returns the same error or if opening your original company returns the same error, use the QBPOS Troubleshoot Connection Tool ( to verify the database manager is initialized properly, that Point of Sale is installed as a Server, that firewalls are not blocking database access, and that the TCP/IP protocol is enabled.

In some cases, there is damage to the company file, and you will need to restore a backup in order to get your system running again.

If the connectivity tool is fine, open the test company or create a new company file an name it test.

Once the file is created and open, go to File, Company Operations, choose Restore from Backup, then next.

Choose Restore from default backups, and choose the backup from the previous evening. ( If you have set your backups to be made at another location, browse to that location to locate the file.)

Once the backup is restored, if you wish, you can close the program and rename the file to match your business name.


This issue may be caused by one of the following:

  • You are not logged into Windows as an Administrator.
  • An issue with the Point of Sale company data folder.
  • A firewall is blocking the ports that the Point of Sale database manager is trying to access.
  • TCP/IP is not installed, is disabled, or is damaged.