Connecting QuickBooks Point of Sale to QuickBooks Financial Software

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How do I connect QuickBooks Point of Sale to QuickBooks Financial?

This is a question that has been showing up lately on the QuickBooks community boards and one that we’ve helped many customers with.  There are multiple ways the connection between QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks financial can be made. It has been my experience though that the method I’ll describe here is the most stable and reliable.  It is also a method supported by Intuit.

First of all, we’ll be working on the POS Server computer. This is the computer where the POS data file is located and the one you have to use to run the End-of-Day functions.  If that happens to be on the same computer you’re already ahead of the game.

Install your QuickBooks financial program on this computer and connect it to your company financial data file.   Open that data file and then launch QuickBooks POS.

In POS, open the company preferences by going to the File menu –> Preferences –> Company, .  In the left column click on Financial.

To the right of that column, at the top, check the box labeled Use with QuickBooks financial software.  At this point POS will look for QuickBooks financial running on this computer and link to the data file that it has open. It will prompt you for confirmation that it is the correct file and that’s all there is to it.

In the Send receipts and vouchers with: section, we generally recommend setting this preference to Detailed item descriptions sent for customer charge accounts only, so your QuickBooks financial won’t grow too large too fast and that you will not need more than the 14,500 list maximum for inventory items in QuickBooks.

Some people have asked about security. They don’t want their employees to be able to access their financial data and therefore do not like having the financial program on a computer used by employees.  The answer to that is to set up users in the financial program and make sure that the users have passwords.  Once that’s done, the employee would have to have a valid user ID and password in order to gain access to the financial data.

This process even works with the FREE version of QuickBooks Point of Sale!

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