QuickBooks 2022- Attach Documents To Transactions.

Attach documents to transactions faster by directly uploading them via the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app.

• Simplify attaching documents to your QuickBooks transactions. (Say goodbye to archaic scanning and emailing processes)
• Save time by directly attaching multiple documents to transactions at once.
• Stay organized by eliminating the need to store physical documents.

To attach documents using the QuickBooks Desktop app:
1. Select Document from the QuickBooks Desktop app.
2. Click Snap Document.
3. Click Continue to sign in to your Intuit account.
4. Enter your credentials for your Intuit account.
5. Click Sign In.
6. Select your company and click Continue.
7. Position document so all corners are in view and.
8. Click the Camera Icon to photograph the document.
9. Click Use this photo.
NOTE: You can also crop the photo before submitting.
10.Enter Name and Description for the photographed document.
11.Click Upload.
12.Click OK or Upload New Document in the pop up screen.
Option One:
1. From QuickBooks Desktop click Create Invoices.
2. Click Attach File in task bar above.
3. Upload the document.
4. Click Done.
Option Two:
1. Select Company in the menu bar.
2. Select Documents in the drop down menu.
3. Select Doc Center from the drop down menu.
4. Upload the document.
5. Click Done.

( Note- available in the US only)