Receipt #”X” created on “Date” has an unbalanced payment…is skipping from processing

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After a financial exchange with QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale, the activity log contains the message:

Receipt # “xxx” created on “date” has an unbalanced payment. Receipt “xxx” is skipped from processing.

This message is due to the following error:

  • Use of line item discounts that create decimal quantities on sales receipts.
  • There are decimal quantities on line items in conjunction with Global Discounts on sales receipts.
  • A remote store sells items that don’t have a quantity, creating negative quantity amounts.

For pre-existing transactions causing this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Locate and flag the reversing receipt based on the receipt number in the error as having been sent to QuickBooks Desktop:
    1. From the Point of Salemenu, select Sales History.
    2. Locate and select the receipt causing the error.
    3. Choose the I Want todrop-down, then select Show Financial Detail.
    4. In the Financial History screen, put a check mark on the Mark this document as successfully sentbox, then select OK.
  2. Create a journal entryin QuickBooks Desktop using the appropriate accounts and amount to represent the receipt that was causing the error.

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