Failed to open company file, When opening QuickBooks Point of Sale.


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This is an error we are seeing more of. After trying numerous fixes, I have found one reliable fix:

  1. With QB POS closed, open the control panel in windows, open Admin Tools, Services, and stop the Intuit Entitlement Client, and the QBPOS database manager.
  2. Open the folder at c:userspublicpublic documentsintuitQuickBooks Point of Sale x(version)Data
  3. Select New Folder and name it ( trial or Bogus)
  4. Copy the QBPOS.db from your current company file folder into the new folder
  5. Restart the Intuit Entitlement Client and the QB POS database managers
  6. Open POS and tell it to open the Trial or Bogus company
  7. Once the company opens, go to File, Company Operations, Rename Company and change it to your business name and then add a 1 on the name.

I have seen this occurring on networks where one computer was replaced with a Windows 10 system.

Even if the Windows 10 is not configured properly, it would try to connect to the company data, and appears to break the folder.

If you are putting a Windows 10 computer on the network I would recommend looking at the blog on running Qb POS 10 on a Windows 10 system.