QuickBooks Point of Sale v19. When the receipt printer opens the drawer repeatedly, but won’t print.

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Sometimes you can’t win. Everything is hooked up and working, then it’s not.

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a situation where the printers USB cable gets unplugged and moved to a different slot. Or you have just installed the software and when you try to print, the printer sits ther, the Cash Drawer opens, and you get this continous Chunk-a-Chunk-a-chunk sound going on.

So, before you drag it out back and set it on fire, or start making appointments with your therapist, let’s take a look at what’s going on.

Moving the USB cable to a new slot confuses Windows. And it will confuse QB POS because it is looking at a particular slot to send the print job, and now the printer is gone.

You may open the Devices and Printers and see Star 143 in there, along with copy 1, 2, 3 etc, depending on how many slots the printer has been tried in.

Removing the devices just doesn’t seem to clear up the mess.

An in the case where the Cash Drawer goes crazy, it can be really frustrating. What is happening there is the driver is not installed correctly.

Great, so how do we deal with the mess?

First, unplug the USB cable for the printer from the computer.

(It may be helpful, while the printer cable is unplugged, to unplug the power to the printer for about a minute, to flush out any junk sitting in there)

We have to use a tool that appeared in Windows 7Professional and above.(In Windows 7 Home, click Start, and in the run line type printui /s /t2, you can remove the driver from there)

Go into your Control Panel, and choose Administrative Tools.

There is a new listing here for Printer Management.

Opening this will allow you to access the printers (you will want to delete ALL of the copies of the Receipt Printer). And another will allow you to access the printer drivers that are installed. (Remove the ones for the Receipt Printer).

Now, plug the printer USB cable back in and Windows will detect it and install the driver.

Once the driver has installed, you should get a message that the device is ready.

It is a personal preference, but at this point I like to restart the computer, just to make sure the driver catches.

Once it is restarted, go through the Hardware Setup Wizard in QB POS and set it to the Receipt Printer. It should print the test pages now, and behave itself.

If you still have issues, you may need to call for support. Sometimes these are a bit stubborn, and I would count on resolving it taking a half hour or more.