How can I edit the price for an entire style in QuickBooks Point of Sale v 11?

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Many businesses which were used to the older versions of QB POS, are surprised at the changes in the functionality in the new version. QuickBooks point of Sale V11 or 2013, has a different interface, and in some cases, some of the things we used to be able to do are no longer there.

One thing that can appear to the missing is the capability to change the price on an entire style, without having to edit each item. But there is a way to do it.

First, from the Home page, go to Reports.

Run an Items list report.

Double click the first item on the report. When you get to the Edit Item screen, click on the top button for View list.

This will bring back the old items list screen.

Select an item in that style, and click on I Want To, Add/Edit style.

Here, you can change the price.

When you click OK, you will see that the price for all of the items in the style will have changed.