QB POS Store Exchange, using Google Drive!

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If you are using QuickBooks Point of Sale, and want to stay with an older version, you are probably getting a message about the Intuit Service being discontinued for you.

Well, you have an option.

You can use Google Drive as an alternative.

First, setup a Gmail account.

Next, go to Drive, and create a folder called Store Sync.

On the computers, install the Google Drive application. This will mimic the current folder and create a Google Drive directory on your C: drive, usually under the user name.

In POS, for the multi-store settings, for exchange type set it to Network File Transfer, then click Configure.

Put in the license number for the Remote or HQ, depending on the instructions, and set the transfer folder to the Google DriveStore Sync folder.

Then click the options tab, set the exchange password, and set the receive folder to the same Google Drive folder.

Save the preferences.

As the store exchanges take place, the received file will be deleted from the Google Drive folder, as it should be.

This is a fast exchange method, allows for large files, and is secure to your company.

For Stores with Multiple Locations:

 Under the Store Sync folder, create an individual folder for each store location (Store1, Store2, etc.)

 In HQ, under the store exchange settings, when the location is set for the exchange file set it to the individual store folder.

 On the remote stores, set them to receive from the individual store folder.


And set the remote send folder to the Store Sync folder under the google drive.

When the HQ sends out it’s file, it will create a file for each individual store in their respective folders.

As the remotes send their files, because they are congregating in the Store Sync folder, the HQ will collect and process them.

I apologize to some of our customers, as when this was originally posted, some of the instructions for the setup for multiple locations did not get included.