Error 181026 when trying to backup the data in QuickBooks Point of Sale.

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Depending on the version of QuickBooks Point of Sale you are using, you may see Error 181026 The backup was not completed. Check to see if you have sufficient hard drive space.


What is happening?

Typically, this error has a few possible causes.

  1. The Windows operating system on the computer is damaged. You may need to copy off all needed data and reset the computer to factory default.
  2. The Hard disk drive is failing. A computer hard disk is like any other computer part. Eventually it will wear out. Check the C: drive for oddities, like a bunch of files named FOUND.001, FOUND.002 etc. These are the results of a windows application called Scandisk. It is locating partial files, or pieces of files, and is locating them and marking them.
  3. The QBPOS.log file is VERY large. In some cases, the log file can get huge. There are steps that can be taken to rename the file, then open POS to force it to create a new .log file. But the steps should not be performed unless you are extremely familiar with the POS program data structure.

There are some things you can do.

Since the system cannot make a backup, you may need to install the POS on another computer and copy the data to the new system. The data location is going to be based on the windows version you are running.

XP- c:documents and settingsall usersshared documentsintuitquickbooks point of sale version (x)data

Win7- c:userspublicpublic documentsintuitquickbooks point of sale version (x)

You will want to copy the entire data folder to the new system. In order to accomplish this, you may need to open the Control Panel, Admin Tools, Services, and stop the Intuit Entitlement Client, and the QBPOSdatabase managers.

Once the data folder is copied to the new system, when you open POS there, you should be able to open the company file, and run a backup.

The error 181026 seems to be computer specific.