My sizes are out of order on my style grid in QuickBooks Point of Sale V11.

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Anyone who uses a Style Grid has had this happen at some point. The sizes or the attributes are out of order.  Instead of seeing Small, Med, Lge, Xlge, XXlge, they are all mixed up. It can make ordering and viewing the quantities difficult.

And in QuickBooks Point of Sale V11 (2013), there just doesn’t seem to be a way to fix it, or even remove a column we don’t want.

Well, here is how you can fix this!

Run an Item List report.

Double click the first item. When that screen opens, go the button on the top that says View List.

Now that the Item List is open, ( it is going to look a little different in this view), go down and click once on an item in that style.

On the top, click on the button that says “I Want To”, and choose Add/Edit Style.

Now your Grid will appear.

Right click on the first Size or Attribute on the grid. Not on the Quantity, but on the actual Size, or Attribute.

This will bring a drop down list, where you can choose to move the column, add a new column, delete the column, or make any other selection.

Using this method, you can re-order the sizes or attributes to the order you want them to be in, or remove an unwanted size or attribute.