How Do I Add Sub Departments in QuickBooks point of Sale?

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You can have up to 5 levels of department information for your items.

The Help in the QB POS program does not advise you of this, but here is how it works.

If you have an existing department, you can go to the Department List ( Inventory, Department List).

Highlight the Department by clicking once. Then chose I Want To, Copy Department.

When the new department box opens, click after the last letter in the department name, add a colon (:) , Then type the sub department name with no spaces between the sub department name and the colon.

This will create a sub-department that you can use on your items. Now, here is the catch!

If this is an existing item that has been used in the past, all of the past transactions will still report under the old department name. Any new transactions will report under the new department.

When a transaction is made in QB POS, it is “snap-shotted”. Any changes made after that transaction has been recorded will not effect it, since the changes are not “retro-active”.

You could have 5 levels for an item, such as Dept:sub:sub:sub:sub. This is a common scenario in the clothing industry ( Mens:pants:denim:bootcut).

This can help to break out information on your reporting and fine tune your inventory.