Create Vendor Bills AUTOMATICALLY!

Did you know that QuickBooks Point of Sale, when linked to your QuickBooks financial program, can automatically create your vendor bill from a receiving voucher?  Here’s how to set that up.

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1.  Go to the Company Preferences (File > Preferences > Company) and select Receiving.

2.  Check the box marked Enter vendor billing information in Point of Sale and save your preferences.

3.  From the Home screen click on Receiving Vouchers.

4.  On the left Button Bar if ou don’t see one labeled Billing Info, click Customize in the lower left corner and add it.

5.  When you are receiving new merchandise on a Receiving Voucher simply click on the Billing Info button.  A new window will open up.  Fill in the requested information.

Once you’ve saved the voucher, during the next financial exchange POS will send the information to QuickBooks financial and cause a Vendor Bill to be created for you.

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