Value cannot be null parameter: s in QBPOS.

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Why is this happening?


A Value cannot be null parameter: s error indicates that the program is reaching for something, and is timing out trying to find it.

There are basically two causes for this:

1. The program has not fully loaded, but things inside the program have been clicked on.

2. The program did not install properly.

Commonly, the reason it is timing out, is that  the program is trying to access a file or information that has not loaded yet, or did not form properly, and is missing the path to the information, or has an invalid path, so the information cannot be found.

This version can take a while to fully load. Make sure ALL of the navigator icons are active, and the menu buttons are present before you click anything.

If everything has loaded, but you are still receiving the error:

Try a repair install of the software. If this does not clear the issue up, then uninstall and reinstall the software.