Problem Creating Receiving Voucher?

Are you unable to create a receiving voucher in QuickBooks Point of Sale? We’ve had some calls lately where an individual could not create a receiving voucher.

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There are a couple reasons this could happen. The first one is a user rights issue. In this case the user is assigned to a POS security group that does not have that right assigned. To change that, someone with the right to edit security groups or to change which security group an employee is assigned to will have to make the change.

The second reason is less common but still occurs. This one would involve a multi-store environment where the receiving voucher is being created at a remote store. A remote store cannot create a voucher for any other store. Only for it’s own location. The only location that can create a receiving voucher for another location is the headquarters. Thisat is a program restriction and can not be changed.

If you want to see a list of allowed activities by store type check this article, Allowed Activities.


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