How do I add the customers PO# to the sales receipt in QuickBooks Point of Sale Version 10?

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In Version 9 of point of Sale, as the customer name was added to the Sales Receipt, a Customer PO# field would be available. In version 10, the new sales interface has removed this, so how can we add the PO# to the sale, and have it print out on the receipt?

Well, it is a little more complicated now.

First, we have to open a Sales Order. Once the customer name is added to the Sales Order, the Customer PO# field will open up. We then ring up the items, and Save the Sales Order.

With the Sales Order screen open, we then choose I Want To in the upper left corner, and scroll down to Sell Items. This generates the sales receipt filled out with the items. Once we complete the sale, as the receipt prints, it will print with the Customer PO #.

Yes, it is a little more difficult, but it can still be done. As we continue to work with Version 10, we will bring other functionality differences to your attention.