Should I use an Assembly or a Group in QuickBooks POS?

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The answer to that question lies in another question. What is it that you’re selling? An Assembly is a selection of items that are assembled to create another item that you sell. As an example, a bicycle shop has all kinds of parts for bicycles. If they take some of those items off the shelf and build a bicycle, that bicycle would be an Assembly. A Group is a selection of items that are being sold together but not assembled such as a buy 3 get one free type sale.

Without creating a group you would have to ring up all 4 items and then discount one of them 100%. If you create a Group consisting of the 4 items and assign a price that is the same as 3 of them you only have to ring up the group. Both Groups and Assemblies are item types that you can assign when creating a new item. For more information or step-by-step instructions for your version of POS on how to create an assembly or create a group go to the Help drop down menu at the top of the program and select Help Contents at the top of that menu. Click on the Index tab on the left of the help window and in the search window type in either group or assembly. Here is a list of the key differences between a Group and an Assembly.


Key Differences Between Assembly and Group Items
Option Assembly Group
Pre-built? Yes No
Sell component items individually? No* No*
Can include service and non-inventory items? Yes Yes
Can include group item as component? No No
Assembly/group item printed on receipt? Yes Yes
Assembly/group item price printed on receipt? Yes Optional**
Component items printed on receipt? No Yes
Component item prices printed on receipt? No Optional**
Can contain both taxable and non-taxable items? No*** Yes
Can assign discounted price? Yes Yes
Track costs and quantities? Yes No****
* Quantities of component items not pre-built into assemblies can be sold individually and built assemblies can be
broken, freeing the component items for individual sale.
** Controlled with a preference setting.
*** After assembly, the single tax code assigned to the assembly item determines if it is taxed or not.
The entire assembly is subject to the same tax code, so taxable and non-taxable items should not be mixed.
**** Quantities and costs of group component items are tracked individually, not as a group.

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