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Scheduled Store Exchanges In QuickBooks POS Multi-store.

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Inside the QuickBooks Point of Sales Store Exchange Center, and also the Company Preferences,  you have the capability of setting the exchanges to go at a particular time. The default is usually 3 am (most daytime businesses are closed at this time).  Depending on the number of store involved, ussing the default time may be fine. But in other instances, it can cause issues.


There are a couple of options we can look at. One is to set the Remote stores to send the data as part of their End of Day. This is accomplished by turning off the scheduled tranfer, and placing the checkmark for the store exchange in the End of Day screen.

If you decide to use the Scheduler, you can set the times at which you will transmit or recieve.

We have found that it is often beneficial to set the stores to transmit at different times (say with the 15 minute spacing between transfers) and set the Headquarters system to send last. This allows for issues such as slow connections, large sales data files, and helps to give the best possible chance for the data to pass through without issue.

There can be some errors associated with the Store Exchange, but those actually need to be resolved on an individual basis. Usually they are not difficult, and are the result of something extremely minor in the Exchange setup, such as the Exchange Password not being entered correctly at one of the stores.

Should you run into difficulty, please call so that it can be determined where the issue is occuring, and what the cause is.