How To Add Additional User – QuickBooks POS

Adding additional users or licenses to QuickBooks Point of Sale

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When you buy QuickBooks POS you typically get a single copy of the software with a single license. As your business grows you may find that you need to add another register or maybe another computer in the back for receiving merchandise.  There are a couple different ways to accomplish this. The easiest way is to go to the Help drop-down menu in your POS program, go to Manage My License and then click on Buy Additional User License. From there just follow the onscreen prompts.

The other method is to purchase another copy of the software (MUST be the same version and level (i.e. v18.0 Pro) from your favorite vendor. By following this method you would install the QuickBooks POS software on the second computer using the new license number and when asked if this is for a single computer or more than one, select more than one. The next question asks if this computer is the Server (primary computer) or a Client. Here you want to select Client or additional computer. At the end of the installation it will search the network for the Server and ask if you want to merge the licenses. Select Yes. Once the merge is complete, the license number installed on the server will now be increased to two users and the license number just installed will no longer be valid.

In version 18.0 there is one more step. Go to the server computer and click on the File drop-down menu and select Switch Company File to Multi User Mode. At this point you can use QuickBooks Point of Sale on both systems at the same time and both of them accessing the same data base.

You can buy additional licenses of POS V18 (earlier versions no longer available) at our STORE or contact us at (800) 609-0788.