Track Employees time, commissions and even tips in QuickBooks POS!

QuickBooks Point of Sale Tracks Employees time, commissions and even tips!

Intuit QuickBooks POS allows your employees to clock in/out right within the program. You can run reports to manage your employees time records and keep track of their hours worked.  Not only that, if you are using QuickBooks financial software as well, you can transfer that information from QuickBooks POS directly to the QuickBooks financial program for creating paychecks!  As an added bonus, QuickBooks Point of Sale can track employee tips and has commission tracking as well!

If you pay your employees a commission for sales, QuickBooks Point of Sale can calculate and report commission amounts for you. Each employee can have his own commission rate and items can be marked in inventory as eligible or not for commission. If you have a sale where different sales folks were involved with different items, the sales person can be assigned by line entry on teh sales receipt so the proper person gets credit for their own sale!

Do your employees get tips from customers?  QuickBooks POS can track that information as well! When you add an Intuit merchant account service to QuickBooks POS and have a credit card transaction, you can print a tip line on the sales receipt for the customer to add a tip to the total.  This will also work with the Intuit gift card service.

Now you can have all your business financial needs covered with QuickBooks POS, QuickBooks financial software, a QuickBooks merchant account from Intuit Payment Solutions and Intuit’s payroll services. Call us for details.

Employee time tracking, commission tracking and tip tracking require the QuickBooks POS Pro level or higher.