Quickbooks POS. How to print Coupons

You Can Print Your Own Coupons With QuickBooks Point of Sale


With Intuit’s QuickBooks Point of Sale you can print coupons right on the customers sales receipt. You can create a % off or $ off coupon that will print right on the sales receipt.  You can also take the barcode that is created for the coupon and print it on mailings or even include it in an email that you send out to your customers.


To access this feature go to the Inventory drop-down menu and select Price Manager.  There you will find a button labeled Set Up Coupon.  After clicking that button, QuickBooks POS walks you through setting the discount amount, what price level(s) the coupon can be used with, whether it is for anything in the store, a specific department, for a specific vendor, a specific named product or you can custom design the criteria.  Name the coupon and add any notes you want printed on the coupon and click the Finish button.

Now we need to set the Company Preferences to print the coupons on the receipt. Go to the Company Preferences screen (location varies with version) and under Sales, click on Discounts. Here you can check the box  to print coupons on receipts, select which coupon to print (if you have more than one) and the criteria for printing.

That’s all there is to it. You can now print coupons on your customers receipts.

One last thing. This feature is not available in the FREE POS version nor in the Basic version.  You must have QuickBooks POS Pro or Pro Multi-Store to print coupons.

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