Quickbooks POS Simplify End Day Process

Make your End of Day Process Easier

At the end of your business day you’re anxious to lock the doors and head home but you’ve got all those things to do first.  Intuit’s QuickBooks Point of Sale can help you simplify that process.  There is an End Of Day icon on the Home page that will allow you to lump several operations together and run them back to back without you having to run each operation separately.  The things that can be accomplished with this End of Day process are:

  • Run the General Z-out Store Close report (or select another report from a list)
  • Create a backup of your company data
  • Send data to remote store or Headquarters store (if using multi-store function)
  • Exchange data with QuickBooks financial software (if using QuickBooks financial)
  • Batch out your merchant services transactions from that day

All of these items are selected by checking a checkbox by that item.  Whatever items are selected when you run the End of Day process remain selected for the next time you run End of Day.

By using this method you can make sure you are not inadvertantly skipping a step when you’re in a hurry to leave!


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