Why is my drawer count off in QuickBooks Point of Sale?

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We often get calls concerning the Cash Drawer count, and why it can be off.

One very common issue that we see can be easily avoided by doing one little additional step.

When we start the drawer count we enter the amount the drawer started with.



Next, we perform our count.

Once we click OK, we will enter the Leave amount.

Now. comes the new step. We will now use the Tab key on the keyboard. This will move the cursor to the Remarks box.

What this does is force the program to accept the change in the amount field. In some cases we have seen, entering the dollar amount and clicking OK will cause the program to revert the amount to the leave amount from the previous day.

If you leave the same amount each day, you might never have the issue, but changing the leave amount, then having it revert to a different amount will cause the drawer count to be over or short.

So our tip for the day… Always use the Tab key after you enter the Leave amount, and it will save you some headaches.