QuickBooks 2022-Simplified Setup for Assisted Payroll Users.

Set up your Assisted Payroll product and run your first payroll faster with a streamline and well guided activation process. 

• Confidently and quickly complete Assisted Payroll setup independently with in-product guidance.
• Always know where you stand in the process within product nudges that direct you to the next step – from starting setup to running your first payroll.
• Get support from US-based onboarding experts, ready to assist you if you have questions.

1. Select the Employees tab on QuickBooks Desktop menu.
2. Select Payroll in the drop down menu.
3. Select Activate Assisted Payroll in the pop-out menu.
4. Click Get Started.
5. Enter your Service Key and Federal EIN.
6. Click Add.
7. Click OK on the confirmation pop-up window.
8. Click Connect Bank Account on next window.
9. Click Continue to create or sign on to your Intuit Account.
10.Enter your Intuit Credentials.
11.Click Sign In.
12.Click Get Started to connect your Bank Account.
13.Select Business, Principle Officer, or Bank Account.
NOTE: You will need to enter relevant information for all three categories.
14.Enter the Address and other required information.
15.Click Next.
16.Select the Industry Category and Industry from the drop-down menu.
17.Click Next.
18.Enter the Address and required information for the Principle Officer.
19.Click Next.
20.Select Add New Bank Account Information
21.Click Next.
22.Select your Bank from the option in the pop-up screen.
NOTE: If choosing to enter Enter Bank Manually skip to step 19.
23.Enter your Bank Login information.
24.Click Sign In.
25.Enter your Bank Routing and Account Numbers.
26.Click Save.
27.Click Next or repeat steps 16-19 to enter a new bank account.
28.Click Accept and Submit.
29.Enter your Social Security Number.
30.Click Submit.
31.Click Continue in verification pop-up window.
32.Call the number listed (800) 365-9626 to continue Assisted Payroll Process

( Note- US Only)