My QB POS pin pad is forcing a reboot..

Recently there have been reports that some customers’ IPP350 pin pads are forcing them to reboot the station they are attached to.

One common feature is that this occurs at a particular time every day.

This is NOT an error.

PCI compliance on credit card processing on newer pin pads requires the pin pad and computer to reboot daily.

Intuit and the pin pad manufacturer are aware that this is causing distress for some customers due to the time of day it can occur. They are actively working to make the process more compatible with the business hours, but still remain in compliance.

Note: A new patch has been released by Intuit which includes the capability to set the reboot time on the individual workstation.

Once the latest patch has been installed, you can edit the Workstation Preferences, go to the Pin Pad section, and set a time for the pin pad to reboot that will not interfere with your day to day sales.