Token message in QB POS.

Token message in QB POS v 12 and 18.


Some users of QB POS v 12 and 18 will start seeing messages about a “Token”

This will occur on systems that use the Intuit Payment Service.

With the increased requirements for credit card processing, Intuit implemented a new protocol where the Admin must log out, and log back into the Payments account every six months. This needs to be done on any POS register that can process credit cards.

By logging out, then back in, this refreshes an internal token that is used for authorization by the credit card processing system.

If you should see a message about a “Token” and an apparent count down, click the green dollar sign emblem on the top of QB POS.

Log Out of the Payments account.

Then, log back in.

The token should be refreshed, and you will not receive the message again for several months.