After reinstalling Qb POS, I get error: Intuit.RSG.QBPOSInterop.UpdateApplicationActionPage.


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A recent Windows update is causing many people to have to reinstall the QuickBooks Point of Sale software.

On client systems, it is not uncommon to reinstall, then get faced with an error:

Error: Intuit.RSG.QBPOSInterop.UpdateApplicationActionPage

Why is this happening?

The reinstall has removed the product updates the program has received, and it no longer matches the updates on the main system.


How do I fix this?

There are 2 ways to fix the issue:

  1. Click Close on the error. When you are at the POS screen ( and nothing is active) choose Help, Software Updates, Check for updates. This should locate, download and install the latest POS update. After that,  the program should open successfully.
  2. Option 2- Manual update- You can download the manual update from Intuit’s site, save the update to the computer, then install it. Updates can be located here: