In QuickBooks Point of Sale, sales on the Item Summary with Activity report.

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Why is this happening?

Typically, this is occurring because the vendor name has been changed.

In QB POS, when we change something like a department, or a vendor name, those changes will affect any transaction in the future.

But the past sales will not be affected. They are recorded, as they were when they were created, and will not change.

So, if you edit a vendor name because the company has gone through a name change, there is a bad effect.

The sales in the items history will not display on the Summary with Activity report, no matter the date range or filtering.

And resetting the vendor name back usually does not fix this, especially if vendors have been merged.

As a vendor or customer is created, there is a unique ID number created for them in the background.

So adding the vendor name back in, doesn’t help, because the background ID number is different and you cannot access it.

This can be verified by bringing up a receipt from the item history, right clicking the top column, choose customize columns.

 Scroll down until you can select Vendor. You will then be able to see the vendor name associated with the item at the time it was sold.