ERROR: You Have Exceeded The Maximum Number Of Users

You Have Exceeded The Maximum Number Of Users Who Can Access The Company At One Time

If you are getting this error in QuickBooks Point of Sale there could be a number of reasons for it.  First thing to do is to make sure the POS Server has the correct number of users.  To check that follow these steps:

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1.  Click on the Help drop-down menu, select Manage My License and click on Buy Additional User License.  This will not commit you to anything!  Look at the line Licensed Users.  If you are supposed to have 2 users (or more) and this shows 1 (or anything less than what you should have), click Cancel and go to step 2.  If the number of users is correct, click Cancel and go to step 4.

2.  Click Help again, Manage My License and then click Sync License Data Online.

3.  Repeat step 1 and check to see if you now have the correct number of users.  If so, try opening POS again.  Problem should be resolved.  If things are working correctly, stop.  You’re done.  If not, go on to step 4.

4.  Close POS on all workstations by going to File and click Exit.  Reboot all workstations. Open POS again and see if the problem is resolved.  If so, stop here.  If not, go on to step 5.

5.  From the Point of Sale server, right-click the Windows Start button and choose Open Windows Explorer (Explore in Vista).

6.  Click Organize and select Folder and Search Options.

7.  Click the View tab, select Show hidden files and folders and then clear the checkbox for Hide protected system operating files.

8.  Click Yes to the warning and click OK.

9.  Navigate in the left window to the location: (where XX is the highest number version you see)
Windows 7 and Vista: C:Program DataIntuitEntitlement ClientXX
Windows XP: C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataIntuitEntitlement ClientXX

10. Delete all the files in that folder

11. Open Point of Sale and complete the registration process again. If POS is working properly now, stop.  If you still get the error continue with step 12.

12. From your server workstation, search for WSActivity.xml and rename it to OLDWSActivity.xml.

13. Close and reopen Point of Sale and then try again. If your workstations open without error now, stop.  If you still see the error, go on to step 14.

14. Uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks Point of Sale on the server computer.

15. Update to the latest release.

16. Click Help, Manage My License and then Sync License Data Online. Click OK when it’s done.

17. Click Help, Manage My License and then Buy Additional User License.  Look to make sure the number of Licensed Users is correct.

18. If that did not fix the error, uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks Point of Sale on all remaining workstations.

If the above steps have not resolved the problem it is likely you have a firewall or network issue that is causing a connectivity problem.  You can download Intuits Point of Sale Connectivity Tool and run that to check for connectivity issues.  That can be downloaded HERE.  There are also step-by-step instructions for downloading and running the tool on that page.


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