Printing Inventory Tags Without a Zebra Printer

How To Print Inventory Tags Without a Zebra Tag Printer

Sometimes tech support folks, like me, forget that some of the things we consider as simple tasks may not be simple to someone else.  Things like printing inventory tags when you don’t have the right tag printer can sometimes be seen as an impossibility.  Here’s how you can handle that task.

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The QuickBooks Point of Sals program already has two label formats included with it for inventory tags. More are available if you have a Zebra LP 2824 or LP 2824 Plus printer.  In this article I’m only addressing the sheets of labels that you can print from a standard page printer.  These labels are the Avery 5160 (1 x 2.635) or Avery 5167 (.5 x 1.75).  Of course, you do not have to buy Avery brand labels as long as the labels you get are the same as Avery 5160 or 5167 labels.  Once you have determined which size you want you will need to tell POS which ones to use and what printer to print to.

1.  Go to the Workstation Preferences.  In pos 9 and earlier – Edit > Preferences > Workstation.  In version 10 and later – File > Preferences > Workstation.

2.  Next to the bottom of the list on the left, click on Documents & Printers.

3.  In the chart of document types locate Inventory Tags and make sure the printer you are going to use is selected in the next column.

4.  In the Template column select the Avery labels youare using.

            NOTE:  You may want to do steps 3 and 4 for Markdown Tags and Discount Tags as well.

5.  Save your changes.

To print tags:

1.  Open your Items List and select the tags you want to print.  You can either filter the list to display only the items you want to print tags for or you can click on the first item, then hold the Ctrl key while clicking on each of the other items you want to print tags for.

2.  At the top of the Items List, click on Print and select Print Tags.

At this point you will see a graphical representation of the label sheet and be asked to indicate the starting position.  If you are using a full sheet of labels simply click next.  If you are using a partial sheet of labels, click on the label indicating where on the sheet you want to start printing and then click next.  Make sure you have enough sheets of labels in the printer and click Print.  The labels will print out with a barcode on the tag that you can scan with your barcode scanner or a physical inventory scanner and POS wil know which item that is.

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