How Can I Delete My POS Data?

How To Delete A QuickBooks Point of Sale Data File

You’ve decided to replace your computer with something newer and faster.  Congratulations!  If you are giving your old computer away or throwing it away, do you want your POS data still on the computer?  Here’s how you can delete that information before getting rid of the system.

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  Before starting this process, if there is any chance you may need a copy of your data for future reference (like taxes), make sure to make a backup and save it to some sort of removable media or location other than on this computer.

POS will store your data file in different locations based on the version of Windows you are using.  If you are running Windows XP, your data file can be found here:  C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDocumentsIntuitQuickBooks Point of Sale x.x (x.x would be your POS version).  With Windows 7 or Vista your data file can be found at:  C:UsersPublicDocumentsIntuitQuickBooks Point of Sale x.x.  In eithe location there will be a sub-folder named Data and inside that a separate folder for each company file you have created.

You can delete the entire folder named QuickBooks Point of Sale x.x and you will have deleted your company data file(s).  Any backups of your data file that were located in the default location will also be deleted by deleting this folder.

If there is a possibility you created a backup someplace on the computer outside of the default location, you may want to search your system for any files named *.qpb.  These files are QuickBooks Point of Sale backup files.  If your search results show any files found, delete them.

One last step. Even though you’ve deleted the data file(s) and backups they are still in the Recycle Bin.  Normally that is located on your desktop.  Right click on the recycle bin and select Empty Recycle Bin from the menu.  That’s it!  You have now removed your POS company data file and backup files from this computer.

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