How to fix a customer balance in QBPOS, when you don’t use QuicBooks.

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It happens. Something gets miss-entered and suddenly a customer has a balance that should’nt, or it is the wrong amount.

If you have QuickBooks Point of Sale tied to the QuickBooks accounting software, you can adjust the balance in QuickBooks.

But what if you don’t use QuickBooks?

Here is where it can get a little fun.

First, we create an item called Opening Balance or Balance Adjust ( I like balance adjust because the Accountants can see it and know what was done), something that is easy to pick out. We make the item type Service, and make it non-taxable. And the price we leave at 0.00.

If a customer has a credit that they should not have ( 15.00 for example), we sell them the Balance Adjust item and override the price to $ 15.00. We then Charge this on account.

If they are showing that they owe us money, then we do a refund for the Balance adjust item, and use Payment on Account as the refund method.

I hope this helps.