We’ve seen questions lately about how to print previous and current cost for an item on a receiving voucher.  The columns are there to view on the screen but the last order cost is not available for the printed copy. Here are steps to make that possible (requires Pro level or higher).
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1.  Open the company preferences and under the General heading click on My Field Labels.
2.  Check the box for Inventory Custom Field 1 (or any unused inventory custom field).
3.  Change the name of the label from Custom 1 to Previous Cost (or something of your choice).
4.  Save preferences.
5.  Open your Item List.
6.  Right click a column header (i.e. Item Name) and select Customize Columns.
7.  Select Previous Cost and Cost (if it wasn’t already selected).
8.  Drag and drop the two columns so they are side by side.
9.  Starting at the top of the list, click in the Previous Cost field so it turns white.
10. Enter the same same cost that is in the Cost column and press the down arrow to move to the next line.
11.  Repeat step 10 until all items have been updated.
Alternatively, after step 4 you could run an Item List report and export it to Excel. Open the Excel psreadsheet and copy the Item Name and Department Name columns into their respective columns in the Data Import Template for importing inventory.  Copy the Cost information and paste it into the column named Custom Field 1.  Import the data like a normal import.
NOTE: When using the import method, create a backup of your data BEFORE importing in case the import doesn’t go as planned.
Now that you have that information in your data file, you can go into the Print Designer and add that field to your Receiving Voucher, customizing the layout so it displays the way you want it.
Remember, this field WILL NOT be updated automatically so every time there is a change in cost, you will need to go into your items list and manually update the Previous Cost field.
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