Large amount or Huge amount message when processing a credit card payment in QB Point of Sale.

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 Sometimes we calls from customers, describing an odd issue. When they attempt to take payment by credit card, and they swipe the card through the reader, they get a message that the amount is too large.

 The explanation for this, is not due to software error, it is that the person taking the payment is missing one little step.

 When you select Creit Card as a method of payment, the amount of the sale moves into the corresponding box. You must then click to accept the amount ( or hit enter). This will bring another screen asking you to swipe the card or type in the card numbers.

 If you do not accept the amount, and instead just swipe the credit card, it will take the credit card numbers and feed them into the amount field. Since credit cards range from 13 to 16 digits, you can see how the software would read the new amount, and determine that it is too much money to process.

 So in essence, if you are receiving the message that the amount is too large. It means that you have missed the step in processing where you tell the program the amount is correct, and you are swiping the card too early.