What information is shared during a financial exchange?

What information is transfered between QuickBooks financial and QuickBooks Point of Sale?

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There have been a few questions lately concerning items in the QuickBooks financial program after linking to QuickBooks Point of Sale.  Hopefully this will clear that up.  By the way, the information in the chart below is taken directly from the QuickBooks Point of Sale help files.  Simply search on Financial Exchange in the program help and you will find a wealth of topics and information available.

Once QuickBooks Point of Sale is linked to your QuickBooks financial program AND inventory (items) are transfered to POS from financial, QuickBooks Point of Sale takes over ALL inventory functions with the exception of actually paying your vendors for those items.  Ordering, receiving, sales and quantity adjustments are all done from within the POS program and not in the financial program.  POS will take the items in your financial program and mark them as Inactive and set the quantity level to 0.  People that are used to seeing their inventory levels in the financial program sometimes have a problem with that.  It involves a change and they now have to look in the Point of Sale program for those quantities.

Here is what data is transfered and in which direction.

Point of Sale to QuickBooks

QuickBooks to Point of Sale

New customers and updated customer information (except account balances)

New customers and updated customer information, including account limit, balance, aging status and any past due amount

New vendors and updated vendor information (active)

New vendors and updated vendor information (active)

New vendor payment terms

New vendor payment terms

Sales information (receipts, deposits, sales tax, shipping)

Inventory items (not routinely; must manually import)

Payments on account

Cash Drawer payouts

Receiving information (vouchers)

Vendor billing information (optional depending on POS preference settings)

Inventory adjustments (memos, aggregated)

Employee time records (requires QuickBooks 2009 or newer)

Transfer information


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