Allowed Activities By Store Type in QuickBooks POS

Allowed Activities By Store Type in QuickBooks Point of Sale (Multi-Store)

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There have been cases where people have upgraded from the Pro level of QuickBooks Point of Sale to Multi-Store only to find that the remote stores were lacking functionality that was deemed absolutely necessary.  BEFORE changing to a multi-store environment and changing a store to a remote store, check the following chart.  This chart will show you what restrictions exist for a remote store. Once the change is made to a remote store it cannot be undone

HQ = Headquarters. See footnotes for numbered marks at end of table.




Managing Inventory
View item quantity and info X X
Add/edit/delete/merge Items and styles X  
Create special order items X X
Convert special order items to regular X  
Enter/edit costs, prices, tax codes X  
Define assembly items X  
Build/break/sell assemblies X X
Define group items X  
Sell group items X X
Inventory reminders: new items, price changes X X
Inventory reminders: reorder items, duplicate items X  
View item history (all stores) X  
View department information X X
Add/edit/delete departments X  
View vendor information X X
Add/edit/delete vendors X  
Define multi-vendors for items X  
Merge vendors X  
Physical Inventory for local store X X
Physical Inventory for other stores X  
Print tags X X
Print tags for other stores X  
Use Price Manager X  
Create quantity adjustments X X
Create cost adjustments X  
Put adjustment memo on hold X X
View/copy/reverse memos X X6
Create transfer slips X X
Create transfer slips for other stores X  
Put slips on hold X X
View/copy/reverse slips X X6
Purchasing and Receiving
Add/edit/delete/merge vendors X  
Create POs (for all stores) X  
Create special order PO X X
View POs for local store X X
View POs for other stores X  
E-mail POs to vendors X X7
Delete filled POs X X7
Create voucher for local store X X
Create voucher to receive PO items X X
Create voucher for other stores X  
Put vouchers on hold X X
View/copy/reverse vouchers X X6
Sales and Customer Orders
Create receipts for local store X X
Create receipts for other stores X  
Accept all payment methods X X
Authorize/settle credit card payments X X
Authorize/settle debit/ATM payments X X
Sell/redeem gift cards X X
Put receipts on hold X X
View/copy/reverse receipts X X6
Print gift receipts X X
Print store logo on sales documents X X
Create customer orders X X
Create special order items from orders X X
Define initial deposit requirements X  
Sell customer order items for local store X X
Delete filled customer orders X X
Track employee sales commission X X
Define sales tax locations/codes X  
Select local default tax location X X
Select local default price level X X
Add/edit/delete customers X X
Merge customers X  
View customer history (local sales) X X
View customer history (all stores) X  
Offer customer charge accounts X X
Define/change reward program X  
Enter/track shipping information X X
Company Preferences (Define)
General X X
Select features to use X X
Financial X  
Merchant & Gift Services X X
Multi-Store: Change Store Type X X
Multi-Store: Store Codes/Classes X  
Multi-Store: Store Exchange X X1
Multi-Store: Store Headings X X1
Inventory X  
Pricing X X2
Purchasing X  
Receiving X  
Sales X X3
Customers X  
Customer Orders X X4
Sales Tax X X5
E-mail Documents X X
Workstation Preferences (Define)
All Local W/S Settings (Hardware, Printing) X X
Software Updates X X
Serial number tracking X X
Add employees and assign Security Groups and Rights (for Local Store) X X
Use Employee Time Clock X X
Customize list columns X X
Run store reports X X
Run company reports X  
View/print/export Z-Out Drawer Count reports for all Stores X  
Get program updates X X
Cash Drawer payouts X X
Clean up company data X X8

Footnotes for remote stores:
1. Local settings must match those at HQ. 
2. Limited to selection of local default price level. 
3. Limited to certain local default sales preferences. 
4. Limited to layaway/sales order printed messages. 
5. Limited to selection of default tax location. 
6. Remote stores can reverse documents only until they have been sent to Headquarters, after which the document can only be reversed at Headquarters. 
7. Remote stores can delete or e-mail special order POs created at the local store only. 
8. Cannot remove HQ-only records.

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