QuickBooks Point of Sale release 8 is available.

Intuit has released the latest update to QuickBooks Point of Sale v 18.

It includes the following fixes:

  • An Access Violation message will no longer display when recording an offline credit card transaction.
  • Transactions that fail EMV processing in GoPayment, will not be used for mobile sync as they are a failed transaction.
  • Point of Sale will now be able to take in additional Cardholder Verification Methods (CVMs) like PIN to our existing CVMs, like signature capture.
  • Simplified the Gift Card service activation using single click option in the Setup Interview tab for Gift Cards.
  • Added a new user guide with updated 60 day support for v18.
  • Enhanced security with QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale V18.0 with strict compliance for TLS 1.2
  • Point of Sale will now update a database seamlessly without error 195.
  • Freezing will no longer happen for large database company files resulting in a Point of Sale got stuck message.
  • When performing a mobile sync, items with a non-taxable tax code will no longer set to a taxable tax code.
  • When importing items, Reorder Point values will now import correctly.
  • POS will now reflect the requested filter results correctly, when a user switches the filter options with customer order transactions.
  • Point of Sale will now print the correct Sales Order after changing status of a Sales Order.
  • Point of Sale will now show the correct available quantity and the status of Sales Order.
  • Point of Sale will now be able to display correct order quantity after modifying the bill to/ship to address on a Purchase Order.


You can download the latest update here: Download