Look at what has been added to QuickBooks Enterprise 2017!

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We have been metering out the changes Intuit has included in QuickBooks Enterprise 2017.

Now, let’s take a more summarized look.

  • Scheduled Reports-  Rather than rerunning and emailing the same reports over and over, reports can be scheduled to automatically send. There are some limitations here. You must be in single user mode, and it does not work on systems that are Hosted.
  • Quickly find information- Search as you type has been implemented, along with the capability to search between amounts, and even search by Customer and Vendor Types.
  • Report Customization – Now the report can show the filters applied , and additional selection in the filters improve reporting.
  • Audit Trail improvement- In the past, if a user was deleted, their transactions grouped under Unknown User. If several users were deleted, all of the transactions went to Unknown User. Now, the user name is displayed, even if that user was deleted.
  • Copy and Paste Timesheet lines- you can now copy the entire line and paste it on the time sheet, so you can have faster entry for duplicated information.
  • High Resolution Support- Tired of squinting? The program should now display correctly when you are using higher screen resolutions.