T Sheets- and the perks keep coming!

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I like a program that works, who doesn’t?

I like it even better when it really starts coming together.

T Sheets, the time sheet management system, has done it again.

Today, it’s automatic breaks.

Now, you can go in and setup automatic lunches and breaks, paid or unpaid, for an entire group, or even just one employee.

T Sheets has just announced this, but I have actually been testing it for a while. Like their other add-ons, ( schedule reminders- Thank heavens for those nice little clock in and out reminders that have reduced my missed punches to nothing…) the Breaks add-on shows that they have not only listened to the customers, but have gone a bit above what was anticipated.

The ease of setup, and capabilities to quickly see the breaks you have created, makes it so simple that you almost forget it is there. ( In fact, I had forgotten it..).

This is a group that is constantly working toward an ideal product, and one which I greatly admire for their quick implementations. ( Still would like to see an integration for Pebble watches, hint hint).

So if you have a business with employees, especially a service business, you should be looking at T Sheets to handle the time tracking. What are you waiting for? Click the symbol below, or go to our link: www.tsheets.com/#a:qbdeal