New in QuickBooks Enterprise 16, Auto-copy Ship to Address from Orders and Estimates to a PO.

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Ok, for years as we did an estimate or a Sales Order, then went to create the PO, we would use a drop down menu to select the ship to address for the customer if we were drop shipping.

Not bad, except for those times where you forget.

In QuickBooks Enterprise 16, there is a new little tweak.


When you choose the option to Create a Purchase Order from either the Sales Order or Estimate screen, there is a small checkbox that is available on the Create Purchase Order from Sales Form window. The checkbox is for Drop Ship to Customer, and placing a check there will pull the Ship To info from the Order or Estimate.

It is also a “Sticky Setting” which means it remembers the setting from the last time it was used.

This should be great for those whose business is primarily drop shipment based.