T Sheets is improving again… Paid and Unpaid breaks can be auto added!

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As time goes on, I am more and more impressed with the folks over at T Sheets.

They could have done a time tracking system and left it at that, but they keep improving the capabilities through additions to the product itself, or with Add-ons.

One downfall that has been in place was the capability to add paid and unpaid breaks, like Lunches, that would auto add to the time cards.

Well, they have done it again.

With their Breaks Add-on, you can automate lunches and breaks, designate where they add by elapsed time, or a specific time, and whether they are paid or unpaid.

They seem to take customer feedback and implement it at a rate I have rarely seen.

Add this to the Reminders for clock in and out, Job Codes, twitter capability, and all of the other features, they just keep improving the system.

What can I say, but to I still feel if you have a business, especially one that has service techs, delivery people, or really any business out there, the capabilities for the program keep expanding, and the reasons NOT to use it keep shrinking.

And did I mention that going through our link can get you a discount? And that T Sheets can send the time sheets data to QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise and QuickBooks Online?

Did you know that T Sheets can link to Toodledo? Or ZenPayroll? Or has an API to link to other programs as well?

I think this is a real solution for a lot of people, and there is not a reason to do things manually when so much is available.

Take a look, just click on the link: